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About Open4rent

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Online advertising for real estate in Australia

Learn more about Open4rent Pty Ltd. We are a private company. Our vision is to be a social enterprise. Open4rent is based in Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia. Our focus is to provide online real estate advertising services. This includes promoting residential and commercial real estate for rent, for lease, or for sale. In other words, our real estate advertising portals connect tenants and buyers with property owners, managers and agents.

Our real estate advertising portals


Find and advertise private and managed rental properties in Australia.


Find and advertise residential properties for sale in Australia.


Find and advertise commercial properties in Australia.

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Our story

You start a business thinking this is the idea. This is what we can do for people. Then you look back two years later and realise how much it has evolved!

We had an idea

We had an idea to start a business which would provide inclusive real estate advertising. Developed for everyone, we provide cost-effective and quality online real estate advertising for rental properties, commercial properties and residential homes throughout Australia. Therefore, whether you are selling or managing your property privately or with an agent/property manager, everyone is welcome to advertise their real estate using Open4rent’s online advertising portals.

We want Open4rent Pty Ltd and it’s real estate advertising portal including RentEzy, LeaseEzy and SellEzy to connect more people with real estate that meets their needs.

We take full responsibility for the control of the technology, developing our platforms  internally. Open4rent Pty Ltd is profit-based and also focused on contributing to charities which support people in need.

Finding a purpose

Volunteering for Orange Sky Australia in 2018 changed everything!

Homelessness in Australia is growing. Open4rent Pty Ltd was started with the dream of connecting more people with homes. This grew to include a social focus of building affordable housing. It was after Lynda started volunteering with Orange Sky Australia and went to a Change the World Conference in Brisbane, that she found the information and connections to start turning Open4rent’s purpose into a reality.

Doing laundry for friends who live with homelessness made Lynda realise how important it was for Open4rent to do more. People living in their cars, sleeping rough or in temporary accommodation deserve to have homes. Too many times Lynda was hearing the same story about choices.

Integrating a social focus

Homeless friends would tell Lynda do I rent a home I can’t afford and not have a car or means to work; or do I live in my car and have money for petrol and food, and work?

Lynda realised Open4rent had to have a social focus embedded it is vision and mission. We needed to find a way to support people in need, with the dream to one day build affordable housing.

Profits from Open4rent will be used to contribute to supporting people in need, through our own campaigns and eventually affordable housing. Realising to do this we needed to think bigger, Open4rent expanded from focusing on rental properties to including commercial properties and sales of residential properties. The Open4rent Real Estate advertising portal was established to provide three portals for advertising and accessing real estate properties.

Open4rent found its heart!

The Real Estate Advertising Portal

Three services for advertising real estate depending on whether your properties are

for rent or sale, residential or commercial.

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Our mission

To provide opportunities for people to be happy and prosperous. We do this by providing online real estate advertising services for:

  • rental properties
  • commercial properties
  • residential properties.

Homelessness can happen so quickly in today’s society! The loss of a job, separation with spouse/partner or illness can see someone end up homeless in a matter of weeks.

Our vision

Make a difference to the lives of people around the world.

We aim to:

  • Connect more people with real estate through providing choices.
  • Support charities and our own campaigns to support people in need.

We believe in:

  • Providing cost-effective, inclusive and innovative real estate advertising services to connect people with residential and commercial properties
  • Respect and equality are the basis for developing professional relationships and partnerships
  • Supporting others to find happiness and prosperity including tenants, business owners, private property owners, private landlords, managers, agents and our team.

Open4rent is working towards growing our business and contributing to people in need. Our aim is to make a difference to people’s lives through our professional cost effective advertising services, our customer service and our contribution to social activities. We dream of one day, developing affordable housing for people in need.

We value:


Everyone's welcome to advertise

We provide three platforms for homeowners, property investors, property managers, and agents to advertise residential and commercial real estate properties for rent/lease or sale.


Real-time easy online real estate advertising

Our innovative advertising services allow you to easily upload a real estate advertisement including up to 35 images, video, 360 degree images, location, extensive details and more. REA XML available too.


Contributing in a positive way

Contributing to community as we move towards becoming a social enterprise is at the heart of what Open4rent does. We will support other not-for-profit organisations who assist the homeless.


Connecting people with homes and businesses

Providing a diverse range of online real estate advertising services to help connect families and businesses with the right home or premise, in the right location at the right price.

Our team

Lynda Galway

Managing Director
  • Real estate, designing houses, affordable housing, alternative housing
  • Making a difference in the world, being a change maker
  • Delivering quality and innovative services
  • Creating and implementing unique ideas
  • Helping others, supported by experiences in education, business, technology, entrepreneurship and volunteering
  • Writing and telling stories that impact and help others
  • Leading and mentoring others to be the best they can be
Lynda Galway, Change the World Conference Brisbane 2018.
Open4rent, Managing director, Lynda Galway attending the Change the World Conference Brisbane 2018.

While a volunteer and team leader for Orange Sky Australia, Lynda learned constantly about the struggles of people living on the streets. That’s why she dreams of Open4rent making a difference to people in need.